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Don't wait to start planning for a sensational 2013!
Check out this webinar to discover the 5 steps to success in 2013. While your competition is trying to figure out what they should be doing, YOU'LL be taking listings and closing sales.
Instead of the traditional business plans we've all seen, this webinar will cover 5 strategies specific to 2013 that will determine success THIS YEAR, including:
  • Ways to build an inventory of listings that will sell in 90 days.
  • Major opportunities that your competitors will miss if they don't attend this webinar.
  • Two under-the-radar demographics that will end up driving real estate in 2013.
  • How to explain to buyers that waiting is no longer an option.
And there is much more on this webinar, so simply fill out the form to watch now!
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Steve Harney is a leading expert in sales and leadership training and is the founder of Keeping Current Matters. With his team, The KCM Crew, Steve has assisted 100,000+ real estate professionals understand the importance of "keeping current" and using strong visuals to effectively communicate points to buyers and sellers.